WeQual Welcomes the Finalists of the WeQual Awards, The Americas 2022 - WeQual

WeQual Welcomes the Finalists of the WeQual Awards, The Americas 2022

Posted by - Sean Smith

Published 14-04-2022

Meet the most recent members of our WeQual Alumni: the 24 finalists of the WeQual Awards, The Americas 2022.

Each finalist has met with one of our Executive Interviewers, who will choose one winner per category, to be announced in the next month.

As Alumni, all 24 women will have access to the WeQual Global Membership, a networking platform where talented, senior women, who report into global executive committees, can connect through our forums and live events.


The 24 WeQual Finalists for The Americas 2022:

Brand & Marketing Category

Dr Frederique Covington Corbett – SVP, Chief Global Brand & Integrated Marketing Officer, for Visa

Melanie Boulden – Chief Marketing Officer North America, for The Coca-Cola Company

Ruchi Varshneya – Divisional Vice President, Global Marketing, Infectious Diseases Emerging Markets, for Abbott


Operations Category

Demaris Mills – President, Integrated DNA Technologie,s for Danaher

Melissa Seymour – Chief Quality Officer, for Biogen

Jin Chang –  Managing Director, Global Head of Metals, for CME Group


Legal Category

Courtney Camp Enloe – Senior Vice President, Deputy GC, and Chief Antitrust, EHS, L&E, Litigation, and M&A Counsel, for 3M

Rebecca B. Gregory – AVP, Commercial Litigation, for Union Pacific Railroad

Viney Chadha – Managing Director, Risk Management, Moody’s Investor Services, for Moody’s Corporation


Regulation & Innovation Category

Nancy Dreyer – Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Vice President, for IQVIA

Michele Wheeler – VP Regulatory & Political Affairs, for NextEra Energy Resources

Penny Naas – President, International Public Affairs and Sustainability, for UPS


Finance Category

Shivani Kak – Head of Investor Relations (Managing Director, Finance) for Moody’s Corporation

Alexandra Dimitrijevic – Global Head of Research and Development, for S&P Global Ratings

Charlotte Hanneman – Vice President, Enterprise Financial Planning & Analysis, for Stryker


Strategy Category

Sarah Cottle – General Manager, Research, Advisory and Specialty Solutions, for S&P Global Market Intelligence

Urmi Richardson – President EMEA, for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Juana Maria Serna – Vice President for Builders and Urbanization Solutions, for CEMEX Colombia


Technology Category

Vijaya Kaza – Chief Security Officer, Head of Engineering & Data Science for Trust & Safety, for Airbnb

Mishka Dehghan – Senior Vice President, Strategy, Product, Solutions Engineering, T-Mobile Business Group, for T-Mobile

Keri McKiernan – Global Head of Commercial & Marketing Technology, for S&P Global


People Category

Shari Slate – Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer, Senior Vice President Inclusive Future and Strategy, for Cisco

Monica Rodrigues – Vice President Human Resources, for Wipro Limited

Beatriz Tumoine – Global Social Impact Director, for CEMEX

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