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Think Tank Diversity Special: ‘The Great Resignation’

Posted by - Sydny Brogan

Published 03-08-2022

Key Findings "Women @ Work Report 2022"

At our Think Tank event on June 30, 2022, Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader of Deloitte, presented the findings of the “Women @ Work 2022” report, which she co-created. 

The data reveals a critical need to look at how we lead, how we’re led, and the culture in which we exist and perform.

Emma shared these key findings:

  • Burnout – with over half reporting burnout, it is now the top driver for women changing employers
  • Ways of working – with challenges when it comes to flexible and hybrid working, employers must go further to enable an inclusive experience
  • Non-inclusive behaviour – too many are still experiencing microaggressions or harassment, and are not reporting these experiences
  • Retention – to avoid losing a staggering percentage of women, organisations need to focus on addressing burnout, enabling flexible and hybrid working, supporting mental health and embedding a truly respectful and inclusive culture

The data reflects how much work is still required to improve the collective experience of women in business. However, Emma also highlighted best practices from organisations who are leading in this area. 

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