Podcast: Episode Five of CEOs Uncut with FirstCaribbean's CEO Colette Delaney - WeQual

Podcast: Episode Five of CEOs Uncut with FirstCaribbean’s CEO Colette Delaney

Posted by - Sean Smith

Published 27-10-2021

Colette Delaney, CEO of FirstCaribbean, provides us with an insight into leadership in the developing world in our latest edition of the WeQual Unfiltered CEOs Uncut series.

You can listen to episode five – and the rest of the series – which includes exclusive interviews with the CEOs of Rolls-Royce, Kellogg’s and Marston’s and the former CEO of Lloyd’s of London at wequal.com/podcast or wherever you download podcasts.

Watch this space for Katie in conversation with Direct Line Group, Penny James.

 The WeQual Unfiltered Podcast. CEOs Uncut Episode Five: Colette Delaney, CEO of FirstCaribbean

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