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Podcast: Dame Inga Beale speaks exclusively to WeQual Unfiltered

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Published 28-06-2021

In the latest edition of the WeQual Unfiltered podcast, which is published today, Katie Litchfield talks to Dame Inga Beale.

In what is a fascinating interview for CEOs Uncut, a series of exclusive interviews with present (and former) CEOs, Dame Inga, talks frankly about a career in which she has been chief executive several times – including the first female chief of Lloyd’s of London.

In the podcast she adds her weight to a number of subjects, including the decision-making process within a diverse leadership team.

“It can take a bit more time, and as a manager it is more challenging,” she tells Katie during the podcast. “If all you’ve got is people who think like you – boy, isn’t that easy: you just go ahead with your decision because they are all going to agree with you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right decision, that you get the best decision, or you get the right outcome.”

A long-time friend of WeQual, Dame Inga is a doyenne of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion world: she is currently a member of Stonewall’s Development Council and most recently she chaired the HIV Commission.

“So often we see wonderful marketing campaigns, we see Pride flags hanging up,” she says. “They talk a good talk. But are they actually doing something about it?

“My test is to look at who is on the Executive Committee. If I don’t see true diversity there then I know that these organisations are not taking it seriously enough.”

Listen to Episode Three of CEOs Uncut on the WeQual website using the media player below.

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Ep 3 – Dame Inga Beale, former CEO, Lloyd’s of London
Ep 1 – Steve Cahillane, Chairman and CEO, Kelloggs

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