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We identify and support top talent, working with individuals and organisations to transform leadership performance within global companies.

Benefit from deeply insightful, high impact, proven consulting and coaching services.

Our coaches, consultants, trainers and facilitators are positioned to support you wherever you are in the world.

For Organisations
Leadership development

Our leadership development programmes focus on the individual behind the title.

We offer an array of services, tailored to your needs.


Our First 100 Days programme significantly increases the probability of success by providing a proven and structured approach, with just in time coaching to address issues as they arise.

Talent Development

Our focus on equality and diversity helps to drive a higher quality talent pool.

We help to arrest the dropout by unlocking, exciting, and galvanising potential within your talent pool.

Succession Planning

Having the right talent at every level within an organisation is key to ensuring successful succession plans.

We work with you to identify, nurture, develop and mature the leaders within your organisation.


A highly bespoke service designed for senior executives as they leave your company.

The support is both psychological and practical, designed to help them land their next role.

Equality and Diversity

In the US, women make up only 20% of public company directors. That number drops to 18.6% in FTSE 350 companies.

A third of the UK’s top 100 listed firms have no non-white board members. We seek to redress the balance by working with senior leaders to increase diversity and inclusion, leading to better business.

Female Leadership Development

We are here to help your organisation change these statistics, and in the process improve the bottom line.

By working top to bottom, we affect a very real shift in mindset to support a more equal workforce.

For the Individual
Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides you with an unrivalled opportunity to grow and develop.

You can expect a life-changing process which is non judgmental, engaging, challenging and deeply rewarding.


We provide immediate supportive coaching to help you deal with the conflicting emotions.

Through the process we remind you of your success to date and help you get back in touch with who you are.

Career Coaching

Over 75% of leaders we coach do not have a career plan. Over 50% claim to have got to the level they have by pure chance.

Work with us to more clearly identify your unique skill set, clarify your ambition and increase your influence to achieve your purpose.

Interview Preparation

Our interview preparation coaching covers all of these questions and more.

Working with your coach will ensure you turn up at the interview as your best self, confidently presenting yourself and answering questions in a manner that best showcases your talent and expertise.

Professional CV/Resume Rewrite
Your CV/Resume is more than just a precis of your work to date – it is a tableau of your potential and suitability for a role. Using years of writing and recruitment experience, WeQual will create a CV that is both visually engaging and relevant to the role you are applying for.
Professional LinkedIn Rewrite

LinkedIn is your professional window onto the world. It is the first port of call for anyone wanting to know who you are, whether a prospective customer or employer.

With more than 75 million members, it is easy for your profile to get overlooked.

Meet The Team

Mark Bateman

CEO, WeQual Consulting
Executive/Team Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

Jill Maidment

Executive and Career Coach and Mentor, Leadership Development Consultant

Ovin Mohan

Executive and Career Coach, Leadership Development Consultant

Louisa Elder

Executive Coach, Career Acceleration Coach and Leadership Development Consultant

Priscila Pereira

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

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