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Executive coaching provides you with an unrivalled opportunity to grow and develop. You can expect a life-changing process which is non judgmental, engaging, challenging and deeply rewarding. It’s a developmental journey that will have a profound impact on you, as well as your team, and your organisation.

Executive coaching is typically focussed on achieving business, developmental and/or personal goals. It is very common to address issues such as increasing confidence, gravitas, better work/life balance, communication, more effective delegation/empowerment, becoming more strategic rather than reactive.

Across the US and UK, only 20-25% of the world’s largest corporations have a woman on the Executive Committee. We are committed to changing these statistics. It’s why the WeQual Awards identifies women one level below the Executive Committee ready to take the step up within the world’s largest businesses (FTSE100/250, Fortune 500 and EMEA). Of the 2019 WeQual Winners over 25% have made the leap. Do you want to be one of them?

“I applaud WeQual’s goal: to effectively showcase female talent across industries, while providing tools and support for their future success.” – President, Diageo North America

After working so hard for so long, losing your job is often accompanied by shock, grief and anger. Depending on the circumstances, you can feel out of control or even scared, with a sense of it not being fair. 

You are not alone. We provide immediate supportive coaching to help you deal with the conflicting emotions. Through the process we remind you of your success to date, help you get back in touch with who you are – as well as your desires – and work with you to define the steps to achieve your next executive role.

“WeQual is an impressively effective organisation that engages businesses and helps its alumnae to keep moving ahead – it’s more about real impact than fine words.” – Chair, Barclays UK

Over 75% of leaders we coach do not have a career plan. Over 50% claim to have got to the level they have by pure chance. Only on reflection are these leaders able to see that a) having a clear intention relating to what they want to achieve is important, and b) identifying and owning their own unique talents and expertise allows for greater gravitas and influence. 

Work with us to more clearly identify your unique skill set, clarify your ambition and increase your influence to achieve your purpose.

Preparing for an interview is often nerve-wracking. Some of the topics we might cover include: 
· What is a typical interview process?
· How can I ensure I am well prepared?
· What questions will be asked, and can I practise them?
· What examples from my history should I use?
· What should/shouldn’t I mention?
· How can I ensure I’m a standout candidate?
· How do I get the best package for myself if selected?
Our interview preparation coaching covers all of these questions and more. Working with your coach will ensure you turn up at the interview as your best self, confidently presenting yourself and answering questions in a manner that best showcases your talent and expertise.

With 97% of job applications rejected on the basis of having just two typos – with 68% rejected with just one typo – it’s vital you get your CV/Resume 100% right. 

Your CV/Resume is more than just a precis of your work to date – it is a tableau of your potential and suitability for a role. Using years of writing and recruitment experience, WeQual will create a CV that is both visually engaging and relevant to the role you are applying for.

The in-depth process includes an interview with a top journalist, a professional rewrite and a graphically designed final document. We offer three pricing options to suit seniority and budget.

When recruiting for a role, 97% of headhunters use LinkedIn. You should take a moment to think about that… 

LinkedIn is your professional window onto the world. It is the first port of call for anyone wanting to know who you are, whether a prospective customer or employer. With more than 75 million members, it is easy for your profile to get overlooked.

WeQual ensures your profile matches your personality and levels of professionalism required. The process includes an interview with a top journalist and a professional rewrite. We offer three pricing options to suit seniority and budget.

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