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By partnering with the world's top companies serious about equality, and the leaders who lead them, we help to build a better business world for all.

Ask any leader what they want to achieve they will typically answer ‘to make a difference’. The way we make a difference changes from person to person and organisation to organisation. 

Our difference? To create better business outcomes by increasing equality within the world’s top companies.   

Our focus is leadership. Gain gender parity at the top and we believe solutions to wider DEI challenges will be accelerated too. Our experience shows women have a very strong desire to positively impact the world whilst driving shareholder return. 

Our pedigree comes from working with the world’s top organisations, over 190 WeQuals (all at Executive Committee or one below), regular Think Tanks with Chief/Global DEI Officers, an Advisory Board of top CEO’s/Chairs and a world class team of coaches, facilitators, disrupters and consultants.

If you are serious about attracting, retaining and promoting diverse leaders, we want to talk to you.  

Mark Bateman

CEO, WeQual

"We need to move quicker. Putting equality at the heart of how we do business makes commercial sense for everyone."

Mark Bateman, CEO of WeQual
Typical coaching topics
Increase personal confidence
Deal with imposter syndrome
Increase personal gravitas
The need for external validation
How to be more assertive
Plan your next career step
Gain greater control in life
Work/life balance
Typical leadership coaching topics
Delegation and empowerment
Personal leadership effectiveness
Gravitas and presence
Managing up, as well as down
Strategic thinking and planning
Building a high performing team
Insane workloads

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