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I am fascinated by the power of normal people, like you and me, who can lead others to achieve amazing outcomes. Coaching has the power to transform your thoughts, behaviours and outcomes. Not only will you notice the difference, but so will those with whom you live and work. Be prepared for an amazing journey with your coach.

This document provides an overview of how the relationship between you and your coach will work. I hope you find it helpful. Please read it as it defines how you will work with your coach, and answers many of the typical questions asked, including: how to prepare; confidentiality; who else is involved and how; frequency of sessions; the need for a Coaching Journal.

I am excited for you as you start your coaching journey. Rest assured we will do all we can to support you to achieve your goals.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Bateman, CEO WeQual Consulting

WeQual Coaching Guide

Chemistry Sessions

Where you have not already identified your chosen coach, chemistry sessions allow you to meet with two different coaches to ascertain which one you feel would be a best fit for your needs. Chemistry sessions typically last 20-40 minutes. We recommend you select the coach you feel you can not only trust, but also the one that will challenge you. You will be contacted after you have completed the two sessions as to which coach you would like to work with.

Coaching Objectives

Think about your desired objectives before your first coaching session. Objectives typically fall into one or more of the following: business, developmental or personal. Your coach will discuss and agree these with you (although they can be changed or amended by mutual consent as the sessions progress). Where your boss is involved, they will help to set your business and/or developmental objectives.  Personal objectives always remain confidential between you and your coach.

Depending on the length of your coaching programme, aim for between 3 and 5 objectives. 

Some questions to help you: 

What is your biggest current challenge?
What feedback have you received that highlights areas for you to work on?
Name a recurring issue you seem unable to resolve
What are the 3 key things you want to change in your work/life?
What have you been putting off, but know that in addressing, will make a material difference to you?
What do you want to be doing differently by the end of the coaching programme?
What would successful change look like for you?

WQ360 Feedback*

Where feedback in included within scope, it will be gathered from a number of pre-agreed named individuals via phone interviews at the outset of coaching. Feedback from these interviews will be anonymised and presented to you during your coaching sessions.


Engage is an online assessment of your mindset (thoughts and beliefs). It is your mindset that drives your behaviours. Specifically Engage assesses your own beliefs related to your confidence, openness and impact within your organisational setting. An invite will be sent via email, taking just 15 minutes to complete. Feedback will be provided within your coaching sessions.

Coaching Structure

Number and frequency of sessions: The number and type of sessions are detailed within the proposal. If you have any questions, please ask your coach. 

What’s included: Your agreement defines what is included within your coaching programme. Typically, this includes the sessions themselves, as well as preparation time from your coach and reflection post session.

Sessions: All parties agree to be diligent and to be punctual for meetings in order to make the most of the time together. The date of the next coaching session is agreed at the end of each session.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is key to successful coaching and will be discussed and agreed between you and your coach at the outset. Where a coaching sponsor and/or manager and/or HR is involved, a meeting between all parties at the outset will agree the confidentiality terms. Where updates are required by anyone other than you or your coach, the nature and frequency will be agreed at the outset.

Coaching Journal: We encourage you to capture thoughts, reflections and actions within an A5 Coaching Journal (or equivalent) both within and outside of sessions. Please bring to all sessions.

Preparation: Try to ensure you arrive in good time for your session. Before the first session please think through your objectives. Prior to each next session please make sure you have completed any agreed exercises, have your coaching journal to hand, and are ready for the session.

Coaching exercises: You and your coach will agree exercises and activities to be completed between coaching sessions to help raise your awareness and embed more effective behaviours. It is important that you take time out to complete these in order to achieve your goals.

Session updates: Within 3 business days of each session please summarise the key themes, ‘aha moments’ and agreed exercises/actions via email to your coach. We recommend you use your personal email to send these.

Post coaching refection: To multiply the impact of coaching, we strongly recommend you add time for reflection immediately after each coaching session. 30 minutes should be added where a session is 60 minutes long, and an hour for longer sessions. If you have not allowed for this reflection time, the coach may shorten the session to allow you to do so.

Progress reports: Progress towards objectives is reviewed between you and your coach on a regular basis. Where the provision of updates to HR or a coaching sponsor has been agreed, these will be provided regularly in a format agreed at the outset by all parties.

Cancellation/Postponement: Coaching sessions can be postponed provided at least 5 days’ notice is given. We will do our best to provide alternative slots. No refunds will be given. If we are unable to offer you an alternative session you will forfeit your session for that month.

If your coach needs to postpone, an alternative slot will be offered within the three weeks of the cancelled session. If this is not possible, we will credit the coaching fee towards the next coaching session.

The responsibility lies with you to ensure coaching sessions take place.
You will still be charged even if you do not book or turn up to sessions.

Termination: Coaching can be terminated at any point, though the total fees defined within this proposal will still be paid in full.

Post coaching support: Once monthly coaching stops, a follow-on coaching and support service is offered at an additional fee to ensure improved performance and/or behavioural changes are maintained. You will also receive priority should you require just-in-time coaching or want to plan further one-off or continuous coaching sessions. This is important as we limit the number of clients we see. We will discuss post coaching support at our final coaching session together.


We want you to be delighted with your coaching experience. It is our privilege to work with you to help you achieve your objectives. If you have any issues, or are not happy with any aspect of your coaching, please contact Mark Bateman or book a call at Calendly.com/bateman-mark. If Mark is your coach, and you want to speak to someone else, please email or contact Katie Litchfield.

Principles & Ethics

The coaching will be covered by the Association for Coaching Global Code of Ethics. Details can be found here. If during coaching, evidence of illegal activity or the potential for harm to you or others is disclosed, we may have to inform the appropriate authorities and so be unable to maintain complete client confidentiality. 

You are responsible for your own achievements and success. We cannot and do not promise that you will take any specific action or attain specific goals. You agree to hold us free of all liability and responsibility for any actions or results from adverse situations created as a result of any interaction with us.

All coaching is delivered in line with WeQual Consulting’s Terms and Conditions.

*not all aspects are included in all coaching assignments. Please check your agreement or ask your coach.
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