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Making An Impact

Having more women at the Group Management Committee level makes your company more successful. This has been proven the world over, and it is no different in the APAC region.

Advancing gender equality in the workplace, could add $4.5 trillion to the GDPs of countries across the APAC region by 2025 – that would be a 12 per cent increase in just three years.

There has been great progress in balancing the boards of the biggest companies in the APAC region in recent years, particularly in The Philippines, New Zealand and Singapore. But there continues to be major gender equality issues across the regions, in particular in some of its largest economies (Japan, South Korea and India).

While it is true that such a diverse region has marked cultural and social differences from country to country, one of the major issues is the same as everywhere else in the world: the pipeline. For women, the path to the top of the corporate ladder is riddled with cracks, blocks and missing segments. WeQual’s mission is to address this problem, while the Awards highlight how much talent there already is that is not being properly celebrated and utilised. 

The value of the women WeQual finds is enormous. At least $4.5 trillion across the APAC region, for a start.


Opens September 24, 2021


Entries close February 13, 2022


The finalists will have a 1-1 call with a WeQual Executive Judge between March 7-18, 2022


The 24 finalists are announced the week commencing May 6, 2022


WeQual Winners are announced the week commencing June 6, 2022

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The Americas Qualifying Criteria

To enter the WeQual The Americas 2022, you must be a woman who – at the date of entry submission – is a direct report into a Group Executive Committee member: either your line manager is a Group Executive Committee member, or you report into a Group Executive Committee member in some or all aspects of your role. 

The company you work for should be listed on one of the major stock exchanges in the US, Canada, Central or South America and any of the continent’s outlying islands. Your company should have a market value of at least $1.5bn as of March 2021.

*One level below the most senior management committee of the company listed on the stock exchange – often referred to as the Board of Directors or Group Executive Committee depending on the territory.

All entries will be treated with the strictest confidence.

The Assessment Process – 8 Questions

The application form has eight assessment questions. These have been derived from leadership, psychology, neuroscience and performance research to identify the necessary factors and characteristics of top leaders. The questions will showcase your strengths regardless of style, gender or ethnicity.

The questions provide deep insight into your:

Leadership Approach | Cognitive Ability | How you lead others | Drive and Resilience | Integrity | Mindset and Agility | Emotional intelligence | Approach to equality | Knowledge of the business.

Finals – Judges Interview

The 24 entries in 8 categories that make it through to the final stages will be interviewed by one of our Global Executive judges.