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Entry Criteria

WeQual identifies already successful senior women who are one level below C-suite in order to tackle the slow progress in appointing women to executive committee roles.  

To enter, you must be a woman who – at the date of entry submission – is a direct report into an executive committee member: eIther your line manager is an executive committee member, or you report into an executive committee member in some or all aspects of your role. The company you work for should be listed on one of the major stock exchanges in Europe, Middle East & Africa (excluding the FTSE).

Objective Questions​

The eight assessment questions have been derived from leadership, psychology, neuroscience and performance research identifying the necessary factors and characteristics of top leaders. We have been careful to ensure questions allow you to showcase your strengths regardless of style, gender or ethnicity.

Together, the WeQual Assessment provide deep insight into your:

Leadership Approach | Cognitive Ability | How You Lead Others | Drive and Resilience |  Integrity | Mindset and Agility | Emotional Intelligence | Approach to Equality | Knowledge of the Business


Entries open on 8th September 2020


Entries close on 18th October 2020


Three finalists per award are notified on 16th November 2020


Finalists have 1-1 video call with a WeQual Executive Judge 19-27th November 2020


Winner announcements on Linkedin week commencing 14th December 2020 (2 per day)

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The WeQual Awards categories are mapped against eight roles on the C-suite, identifying women who report into their C-suite working in the following areas.

The self-entry awards are open to any company listed on a recognised EMEA stock exchange and entries can be encouraged by the company or their advisors.

To remove any bias during the initial process, all entries will be assessed through a blind assessment removing identification details from candidates.

All entries will be treated with the strictest confidence.