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The WeQuals identify and recognise world-class women executives, one level below Global Executive Committees. Already the awards have celebrated women across the globe who are ready and capable of making the step up to executive committee level. And despite only being founded two years ago by Katie Litchfield, WeQual members have already had some success in breaking through the glass ceiling.

The WeQual Awards have a valuable role to play in making this possible and aims to reach and honour the talented women who are on the cusp of leading the world’s biggest companies.

Katie Litchfield

Founder, WeQual

Driven by a determination to tackle the lack of diversity and equality in the leadership of the world’s biggest businesses and beyond, Katie Litchfield has created a dynamic and well-respected company that is rapidly disrupting the global status quo and changing the way multinationals think about organising their leadership.

Katie has developed WeQual into a multi-faceted vehicle to identify, encourage, engage, educate, mentor, showcase and champion the many talented women yet to reach C-suite level.

Beginning with a depth of knowledge gained from 20 years at the Financial Times (working closely with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 senior leaders) Katie successfully launched the WeQual Awards, in London in 2019 and New York in 2020, and is now using the same formula to identify talented businesswomen across the world.

“The glass-ceiling concept has been an issue for decades, and the drop-off is steepest just below the C-suite, so I launched WeQual to champion equality at the top.”

Katie Litchfield

Founder and CEO of WeQual

Advisory Board

Katie Litchfield

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bateman

Chief Executive Officer, WeQual Consulting

Dame Inga Beale


Sir Ian Cheshire


Ron Kalifa OBE


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For more information about the WeQual Awards, or if you have any questions regarding the awards process please get in touch.

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