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WeQual’s Mission

Our mission is to change the face of executive committees globally.

When developing WeQual, Founder & Chief Executive Katie Litchfield spoke with CEOs and Chairmen and asked them what needs to be done to get more women on the Global Executive Committees of the biggest companies in the world. She was frequently told that they were keen to hire women executives, but they couldn’t easily identify them. 

“Find me a talented woman, and I’ll create a role on the Group Executive Committee,” Katie was told.

WeQual identifies already successful senior women who are one level below the Global Executive Committee and gives them the platform to make that step up.

To enter, you must be a woman who – at the date of entry submission – is a direct report into an executive committee member: either your line manager is an executive committee member, or you report into an executive committee member in some or all aspects of your role.

WeQual’s Successes

WeQual has already recorded some remarkable successes since its first awards in the UK in 2019. A third of the women identified as category winners have already been appointed to the Group Executive Committee.

More are being given the opportunity to showcase their suitability for executive positions across the world.

Lack of Diversity on Global Executive Committees

There have been some great inroads into balancing the boards of the biggest companies in the US, and across the world, in recent years. 

In 2020, there are more women CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies than there have ever been before. But it’s a false win: only 37 women CEOs out of 500 (7.4 per cent) is a poor return for a section of the population that is at least as talented, just as educated, equally as motivated and, it has been proven, enhances the bottom line across all sectors. 

The problem is the pipeline. For women, it is riddled with cracks, blocks and missing segments. In the US in 2019, for every 100 men promoted into their first management position, only 72 women were promoted. Women make up just 30 per cent of the Vice President level. And only 28 per cent at Senior Vice-President level. By the time women make it to Group Executive Level, they make up just 21 per cent.

Objective Questions​

The eight assessment questions have been derived from leadership, psychology, neuroscience and performance research identifying the necessary factors and characteristics of top leaders. We have been careful to ensure questions allow you to showcase your strengths regardless of style, gender or ethnicity.

Together, the questions provide deep insight into your:

Leadership Approach | Cognitive Ability | How you lead others | Drive and Resilience | Integrity | Mindset and Agility | Emotional intelligence | Approach to equality | Knowledge of the business

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The WeQual Awards categories are mapped against eight roles on the Executive Committee, identifying women who report into their executive committee working in the following areas. Women are encouraged to self-nominate for the awards.

To remove any bias during the initial judging process, finalists will be selected through a blind assessment removing identification details from candidates.

All entries will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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Advisory Board

Katie Litchfield

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bateman

Chief Executive Officer, WeQual Consulting

Dame Inga Beale


Sir Ian Cheshire


Ron Kalifa OBE


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