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The WeQual Awards

The WeQual Awards were created to tackle the slow progress in appointing women into Group Executive Management Committee roles globally.

WeQual is on a mission to achieve gender parity at the top of the world’s largest companies. The WeQual Awards are a vital step in accomplishing this goal, by identifying and showcasing world-class executive women, ready for progression to Group Executive Committee positions.

The WeQual Awards are truly global, running three regional seasons per year.

If you are a woman who reports into a member of the Global Executive Committee. please apply to the Award region in which your parent company is listed. Individual applicants can be based anywhere globally.


Europe, Middle East and Africa

Entries open in July

Finalists are announced in December

Winners are announced in February


Entries open in March

Finalists are announced in July

Winners are announced in September

The Americas

Entries open in November

Finalists are announced in April

Winners are announced in May

A World Of Difference

The issue of diversity and inclusion at the top of executive committees is a global one. The levels of inequality may be different in each region,  but the lack of women at the top continues everywhere. And the gender gap is at its starkest in some of the most surprising places.

In the EMEA region, women continue to be under-represented: among the largest publicly listed companies in the European Union in 2020, only 19.3% of executives and 7.9% of CEOs are women.

There are similar problems in The Americas. In the Fortune 500 – the biggest 500 companies in the US – for every woman CEO there are 13 men CEOs. And in Canada, women hold only 43 of the 538 named executive officer roles in the top 100 companies in 2020. That’s FEWER women at the top than in 2019.

And in APAC, too. In Australia, women are a lot less likely to make it to the Group Executive Committee level: from holding 30% of executive management roles, only 17.1% make it to the top. India, Japan and South Korea have major issues too: they are the three worst countries in the world for women holding management roles (8% and lower).

It is within this global sphere that WeQual developed its mission by discovering hidden talented, showcasing the best talent and encouraging and helping global businesses develop their talent programmes to build a better business world. (See video for more details)

Unqualified Success

 WeQual has already recorded some remarkable successes since its launch in the UK in 2019. A third of the women identified as category winners have already been appointed to the Group Executive Committee.

Identifying Talent

The Awards are at the heart of our search to find the talented women that should be our global business leaders.

Potential candidates identified by our researchers are encouraged to apply and complete a comprehensive questionnaire designed to shine a light on the core skills required for effective leadership: The questions provide deep insight into Leadership Approach, Cognitive Ability, How you lead others, Drive and Resilience, Integrity, Mindset and Agility, Emotional intelligence, Approach to equality and Knowledge of the business. 

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