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Welcome to the WeQual Awards

Welcome to the WeQual Awards, where our goal is to promote gender balance by striving for 50/50 gender equality at the top of the world’s largest companies. We are proud to be supported by The Wall Street Journal and happy to report that 50% of our alumni have either been promoted or are now members of an executive committee. This represents a significant milestone in our mission towards gender equality at the top.


Applicant benefits include:
  • Celebrating your achievements and reflecting on your career
  • The opportunity to showcase your unique qualities and talents
  • Gaining insight into your own strengths
  • Meeting other high-level executive women through the WeQual Global Community
  • A chance to receive individual feedback from the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies
  • Increasing visibility for yourself and your company


To qualify applicants must:
  • Have direct reporting lines or regular one-to-one meetings with members of your Executive Committee. CEOs or Presidents not on their executive committee are automatically eligible
  • Be employed at the time of application by a company publicly listed on a major stock exchange
  • While you can be based anywhere in the world, please note that you must submit your application for the award chapter region where your parent company is publicly listed on a major stock exchange


Follow these simple steps:
  • Register here and submit your application before the deadline
  • In your application, answer the eight assessment questions that explore your leadership, cognitive ability, drive, resilience, integrity, mindset, agility, emotional intelligence, approach to equality, and business knowledge
  • All finalists will participate in a 30-minute conversation with a major global CEO to assess their readiness for a global executive committee role


Applications Open:  February 27, 2023
Applications Close:  May 7, 2023


Applications Open:  July 3, 2023
Applications Close:  September 17, 2023


Applications Open:  November 13, 2023
Applications Close:  January 28, 2024
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