WeQual - Building a Better Business World
A multi-faceted vehicle to identify, encourage, engage, educate, mentor, showcase and champion equality in businesses worldwide.
Transforming leadership performance within global companies through deeply insightful, high impact, proven consulting and coaching services.
We recommend the right business leader for your event. We represent some of the most prominent corporate executives – diverse business speakers with a wealth of experience in major roles and organisations.

WeQual is on a mission to achieve 50/50 gender parity.

We work with talented individuals and forward thinking organisations. 


We  identify the world’s top diverse leaders and support them to gain promotion to global Executive Committees/Boards.  Greater diversity at the top drives greater inclusion within the organisation, leading to better outcomes for everyone. 



WeQual was founded in 2018 by Katie Litchfield and has become a multi-faceted vehicle to increase equality and diversity in the world’s largest companies. 

The first vehicle for change was the WeQual Awards which identify, encourage, showcase and champion the many talented women yet to reach C-suite level.

Then Mark Bateman launched WeQual Consulting to not only provide the support these fantastic women were asking for, but to partner with forward thinking organisations concerned with attracting, retaining and promoting diverse leaders.  

The WeQual Speaker Bureau provides cutting edge speakers, many of them WeQuals, on a range of topical business and societal issues.

Kate Litchfield

Founder, WeQual and CEO, WeQual Awards

Driven by a determination to tackle the lack of diversity and equality in the leadership of the world’s biggest businesses and beyond, Katie Litchfield has rapidly created a dynamic and well-respected company that is rapidly disrupting the status quo and changing the way multinationals think about organising their leadership.

Mark Bateman

CEO, WeQual Consulting

A successful entrepreneur, and proven in helping leaders achieve the extraordinary, Mark’s purpose is to help you achieve yours. The WeQual Consulting division was created to support leaders at the sharp end. Those with a vision, responsibilities, challenges, who want to do more, and achieve more. For their business, their people, their communities, themselves.

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